Means of educational multimedia systems

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Innovation in the Classroom: The School of the Future
Training is evolving. Instructors never again principally address from the front of the class. Students don't intensely duplicate the educator's words down, read the message, and retain material for a test. Students will each have an advanced gadget. It might be a tablet PC, workstation, Chromebook or Surface - that won't make any difference. What's significant is that it is convenient, though, fit in a knapsack, and is carefully secure. All student work will be done on these. Losing one would...
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So, here is the list of new technology which is going to come to this new world. Wearable screens We may be as of now fantasizing of foldable telephones and screens, yet the future likely could be screenless. There are as of now a lot of touch-fit projector-like gadgets that can pillar usable screens onto your skin, garments or different surfaces. The fate of cell phone tech probably won't require a gadget in your pocket yet something you wear or have embedded. Driverless vehicles ...
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Audiovisual media
Audiovisual means can contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the exhibition presentation, but only with a competent and professional approach in their operation. For example, a multimedia presentation is a bright and modern element of the exhibition stand design. Among dozens of other stands, a visitor's view can be attracted by a large projection screen or plasma panel combined with a dynamic visual and audio range of multimedia presentations. They will tell the visitor about...
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The main categories of the Internet
The global computer network Internet as the world information technology system has existed for almost 40 years. The Internet emerged as a program to increase the resilience of the US defense system in the early 1970s pp. This appearance is associated with the creation and development of the APRANET network in 1969-1977. The Internet is a worldwide collection of technical tools, standards and arrangements that allows communication between different computer networks in the world. The...
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The possibilities of Internet technologies are Didactic.
Today, among the developed countries of the world, an active approach to the use of information and communication technologies in schools is not limited to electronic textbooks or manuals, atlases or encyclopedias. Network technologies, the Internet and first of all, is now one of the means of providing equal access to quality education, is an integral part of the educational industry. The Internet today is the most important socio-economic communication of our civilization. The global...
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Local computer network
A computer network is an integrated, a lot of computer, geographically distributed system consisting of interacting local (work) stations and communication subsystem for transmission/ reception of information. Computer networks are divided into three main types:   LAN (LocalAreaNetwork – - local area network, which is geographically distributed within one room, office, organization, enterprise; MAN (MetropolitanAreaNetwork) – urban or regional network that is geographically...
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Stages of IT development
Information technology emerged several million years ago along with production on Earth. The simplest information technologies appeared with the beginning of writing. These are rock paintings, signs and drawings on the bark, papyrus, etc. the Appearance of books made by the printing method, has become a powerful impetus to the development of information technology. In its development, information technology has gone through several stages. "Pen" information technology reigned until the second...
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IT development prospects
Characteristic of HIT is the personalization of computer technology, the creation of local computer networks and multi-level data processing systems, the organization of automated workplaces of specialists. The Arsenal of hit tools is constantly updated, in particular widespread in recent years, computer graphics, multimedia, hypertext technologies and systems Computer (machine) graphics - one of the important directions of development of information technology in modern conditions. This...
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Stereo image
Stereo images can be divided into 2 types: 3D-stereo — three-dimensional, three-dimensional image with the effect of looking around (ie, objects can be viewed from equal sides). The image can be obtained using a special stereo (for real-life objects) or with the help of programs for three-dimensional modeling — 3DS Max, Maya, etc. Stereo-effect, carrying out the illusion of different distances (in depth) of the image objects, while the objects themselves remain flat. ...
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Fundamentals of information system
BASIC CONCEPTS, PROBLEMS AND THE ROLE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS Any human activity is based on information. In the context of automated information processing and information systems, the term "information" is extremely important and the effectiveness of human-machine systems depends on its correct interpretation. In General terms, the information (from lat. informatio — explanation) — this is an unusual resource, the consumption of which does not reduce its quantity...
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Modern broadcasting and its importance for historical education
Unfortunately, there was no place for the system of educational television in the structure of national television, which was formed at the end of XX — beginning of XXI centuries. Huge educational potential of educational television programs, which was laid in the Soviet era, in the form of lectures and lessons, specialized, instruction and training programs, "tele-Cyclopedia" and "tele-University", in the 1990s pp. completely decayed. But, as the world practice shows, the possibilities of...
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Computer programs for the development of multimedia training courses.
A number of special software development packages for multimedia training courses are used today to provide computer training: Macromedia AuthorWare, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Studio, iSpring Suite, eLearinng Office 3000 Macromedia AuthorWare is a training course development program that allows you to build information in the form of consistently changing screens (slides). The package allows you to include in the course, text, graphics, flash videos, video fragments; import ready-made MS...
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The mechanic on car repairs
Car mechanic - a specialist who prepares the car for the road. In road transport, the profession of a locksmith for car repair is a profession №2 after the driver, the quality and result of which largely depends on the serviceability of the car. For the machine to work, it needs to be assembled, adjusted, adjusted and tested, in the process of operation - to maintain and repair. All this is the work of a car repair mechanic. The more complex the machine, the higher the qualification of the...
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Information resources of the organization
At the end of the XX century for the first time in the history of mankind is the main subject of labor in the social production of the industrialized countries is information. Having the trends of the steady transfer of labor from the sphere of material production in the information sphere. National information resources are a new economic category. Information becomes as much a resource as material and energy, so the important questions are "Who owns it? Who is interested in it? How...
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Basics of testology. Programs of development of multimedia training courses
The testology, which is the interdisciplinary science of creating quality and scientifically sound measuring and diagnostic methods, the teaching about the measurement of psycho-physiological and personal characteristics. Testers examine and create ways, methods, techniques, measurements of psycho-physiological and personal characteristics. Specialists create test complexes where the achievements of testology are implemented in the form of a set of technologies, recommendations, tests,...
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Modern multimedia technologies have a powerful didactic potential which includes: animation graphics, video, sound, interactive features, the use of remote access and external resources, working with databases. These various information components, which are controlled by one or more special programs, are called multimedia system.

Multimedia systems have a unique opportunity to provide a huge amount of useful and interesting information in the most convenient and accessible form. It is because of this that they are widely used in various fields: science, education, vocational training and the like. A special role is assigned to them in the learning process, because the use of multimedia tools for repetition, generalization and systematization of knowledge not only helps to create a specific, visual-figurative representation of the subject, phenomenon or event that are being studied, but also to complement the already known new data. There is not only the process of knowledge, reproduction and refinement of the already known, but also the deepening of knowledge. Therefore, while working with the curriculum, it is important to focus on the most difficult for students to learn the material, to activate their independent search activity.

Computer simulator

Simulation of reality is the most important advantage of multimedia technology with their help it is possible to recreate any object. Thanks to them, a person practices operations that best correspond to the real, in fact dealing only with their electronic counterpart.

Modern computer technology (multimedia) allows you to create interactive training programs and simulators, including computer animation, audio and video equipment. At a minimum, this will enhance the sense of reality when working with the simulator and open up new opportunities in the learning processMeans of educational multimedia systems

When choosing a computer simulator should take into account: a set of standard elements and options for their expansion; possible modes of operation and tasks to be solved; quality and ergonomic characteristics of the interface (ease of use). Such simulators may include a computer-aided testing system and a multimedia history training course.


Multimedia presentations — is one of the most functional and effective means during the lessons-lectures, seminars, lessons-conferences and the like.

Presentations consist of a series of sequentially presented ordered slides. The term “slide” at the beginning meant a slide and referred to all transparent materials that are used to present educational information. Later, the term “slide” was used to define the image on the monitor, which is used as an illustration. Slides, in particular, are called and images created by means of PowerPoint.Means of educational multimedia systems - 2

Slides form certain components of the composition, characterized by the arrangement of the components of a particular type in a field of the slide. A computer presentation is a file in which such materials are collected and presented in an easy – to-understand form with the use of various multimedia effects. The presentation file consists of individual frames or slides — that is, electronic pages. These slides can not only be displayed on a computer screen or a special projector during a speech, but also printed on paper or transparent film. Presentation as a computer document created by software is a sequence of slides that follow each other.