Audiovisual media

Audiovisual means can contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the exhibition presentation, but only with a competent and professional approach in their operation. For example, a multimedia presentation is a bright and modern element of the exhibition stand design.

Among dozens of other stands, a visitor’s view can be attracted by a large projection screen or plasma panel combined with a dynamic visual and audio range of multimedia presentations. They will tell the visitor about the product, service and company.

Another new means of using the latest technologies at the exhibition, which can stand out against the monotony of printing materials, is an electronic business card, which is a mini-disk or USB-flash drive with a multimedia presentation. Audiovisual products offer the optimum amount of information to attract the attention of visitors. Professional presentation of the material can make a strong impression and strengthen the effect of information.

Audiovisual media - 2

The use of stereo and Vario technologies in the design of exhibition stands

Stereo/Vario technology allows you to show color images with the effects of volume and dynamics on absolutely flat surfaces, transmits the shape of the objects depicted, the nature of their surface, the mutual arrangement of objects in space.

Today, stereo/Vario images are widely used in the design of exhibition spaces as those that have the best indicators of attracting the attention of exhibition visitors due to:

Special effects (movement, volume);

Longer advertising contact time (they are considered longer because they are more interesting and original); more likely to remember; More citation (they are often told to other people, remembering the information displayed on the product — the advertised brand of goods, the name of the manufacturer, etc.).)

According to the data obtained from the research of the company “Product Acceptance and Research” (USA), the use of existing images increases sales by 51 % compared to the static image.

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