Basics of testology. Programs of development of multimedia training courses

The testology, which is the interdisciplinary science of creating quality and scientifically sound measuring and diagnostic methods, the teaching about the measurement of psycho-physiological and personal characteristics.

Testers examine and create ways, methods, techniques, measurements of psycho-physiological and personal characteristics. Specialists create test complexes where the achievements of testology are implemented in the form of a set of technologies, recommendations, tests, automated systems, devices.

Tests are used for monitoring and evaluation of the process, it is activated, the best learning material, development of abilities and skills, self-study.

The key concept of pedagogical testology is the concept of “pedagogical test”.

The test is a task that mainly requires an unambiguous answer, concluded according to certain rules and procedures, provides for preliminary experimental verification and corresponds to such characteristics of efficiency as validity and reliability.

In pedagogy, a specific unified form of control of knowledge and skills is called a test. Sometimes the term “test” is understood as a means of pedagogical measurement or a standardized research method designed for quantitative and qualitative assessments of human characteristics[10].

Картинки по запросу diagnostic methods

Rules of formulation of the basis of the job in the test.

1. Clearly, unambiguously, concisely.
2. Without omitting essential details, without which the choice of the correct answer is difficult.
3. The task is based on a verb.
4. Clear vocabulary, simple syntax.
5. Do not use the words “usually”, “often”, “basically”.
6. Formulate the problem in the affirmative.
7. Do not use double negation.
8. The words that are repeated in the answer choices are transferred to the update task.
Test task objective, if it can be evaluated without expressing their own judgment about the quality of the answer.



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