Stages of IT development

Information technology emerged several million years ago along with production on Earth. The simplest information technologies appeared with the beginning of writing. These are rock paintings, signs and drawings on the bark, papyrus, etc. the Appearance of books made by the printing method, has become a powerful impetus to the development of information technology. In its development, information technology has gone through several stages. Continue reading

IT development prospects

Characteristic of HIT is the personalization of computer technology, the creation of local computer networks and multi-level data processing systems, the organization of automated workplaces of specialists. The Arsenal of hit tools is constantly updated, in particular widespread in recent years, computer graphics, multimedia, hypertext technologies and systems Continue reading

Information resources of the organization

At the end of the XX century for the first time in the history of mankind is the main subject of labor in the social production of the industrialized countries is information. Having the trends of the steady transfer of labor from the sphere of material production in the information sphere. National information resources are a new economic category. Information becomes as much a resource as material and energy, so the important questions are Continue reading