Computer programs for the development of multimedia training courses.

A number of special software development packages for multimedia training courses are used today to provide computer training: Macromedia AuthorWare, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Studio, iSpring Suite, eLearinng Office 3000

Macromedia AuthorWare is a training course development program that allows you to build information in the form of consistently changing screens (slides). The package allows you to include in the course, text, graphics, flash videos, video fragments; import ready-made MS PowerPoint presentations. In addition, the program has the ability to control the playback of video from digital cameras and tape recorders on-line.

Unlike MS PowerPoint, Macromedia AuthorWare allows you to create interactive menus that allow you to organize the course in any sequence. The package also allows you to organize the registration of students, collect data on their passage as different parts of the course, and the course as a whole. The ready course can be saved in a special form for use as a remote. To do this, the course files are placed on the server or on the Internet, and the user has the AuthorWare player installed.

But the most attractive feature of Macromedia AuthorWare is the presence of so-called Certain objects (masters), which allow you to quickly and easily organize the testing system and on its basis to create electronic problem books that activate the cognitive activity of students. All this can be done without knowledge of programming languages. This fact is very important when choosing Macromedia AuthorWare as the main product for the development of interactive multimedia training courses.Без названия 3 - Computer programs for the development of multimedia training courses.

Adobe Captivate is a program for creating interactive tests and training courses. It can be used to demonstrate, record video lessons, create simulation programs and training presentations. Adobe Captivate can also be used to convert presentations to Adobe Flash format.

The program is designed primarily for teachers anformation and allows you to create training courses without having to learn programming. With Adobe Captivate, you can capture the screen, show mouse cursor movements, comment on screen actions, and create different learning modes that require the student to perform certain actions.

The program supports importing from MS PowerPoint, allowing you to convert the slides to a format SWF, create interactive presentations with sound and video. The program supports MP3, AVI, FLA and FLV.

Adobe Captivate supports the photoshop layers system, allowing you to create animations on their basis separately in each of the layers. In addition, it is possible to publish educational materials in PDF and Audio Video Interleave (AVI) format for posting on YouTube services.

Adobe Captivate is part of the Adobe eLearning Suite. The Adobe Captivate package is the Foundation of the Adobe eLearning Suite. It is in the Captivate package that the main work is carried out on the Assembly of electronic textbooks and manuals that combine situational modeling, scenario-based training, knowledge assessment tools, multimedia content and interactive functions.

This software package allows the user to customize the display setting of educational material. One example of such individual setting a personalized table of contents of the material — it will change as familiarize the student with the material. The listener will be able to specify his name at the beginning of the course, and in the subsequent slides the program will display an appeal to the listener by name.

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