Information resources of the organization

At the end of the XX century for the first time in the history of mankind is the main subject of labor in the social production of the industrialized countries is information. Having the trends of the steady transfer of labor from the sphere of material production in the information sphere. National information resources are a new economic category. Information becomes as much a resource as material and energy, so the important questions are

“Who owns it? Who is interested in it? How affordable is it? Is it possible to use it commercially?”.

A resource is a stock, a source of something. Considering the national economy of the country, any industry, enterprise, i.e. organization of any scale, it is possible to allocate material, natural, labor, financial, energy resources. These concepts are economic categories.

For the normal functioning of an organization of any size, it is not enough to have material, financial and human resources, it is necessary to know what to do with it all, to know about the technology of their use. Therefore, information resources are now considered as a separate economic category.

Information resource is a special kind of resource based on ideas and knowledge accumulated as a result of scientific and technical activities of people and presented in a form suitable for collection, implementation and reproduction.

The information resource has a number of characteristic features. In particular, unlike other (material) resources, it is practically inexhaustible. With the development of society and the growth of the amount of knowledge used, this resource does not decrease, but rather grows. The use of a new information resource instead of an outdated one can potentially lead to radical actions, multiply increase productivity, improve the use of other resources and so on.

Like any resource, information resources can be managed. Although a methodology for the quantitative and qualitative assessment and forecasting of information resources has not yet been developed, it is possible and necessary to study information needs, plan and manage information resources at the organizational level.

Information resource management means:

  • assessment of information needs at each level and within each management function;
  • study of document flow of the organization, its rationalization, standardization of types and forms of documents, typing of information and data;
  • overcoming the problem of data type incompatibility;
  • creating a data management system and the like.

The concept of” information resource “is closely related to the concept of “information technology” (information processing technology).

Information technology

The concept of information technologies has emerged in the last decade of the XX century in the making of Informatics. The peculiarity of information technologies is that in them both the subject and the product of labor is information, and the means of labor are computer equipment and communication. Information technology as a science of information production arose because information has become a real production resource along with other material resources.

Information resources of the organization

Under technology means a set of processing methods of manufacturing, changes in condition, properties, shape of raw materials, material or semi-finished products carried out in the production process. In information technology, the material and product is information.

Basic concepts, problems and the role of information technology object, process or phenomenon. Technology is the methods and ways of working of personnel and technical devices with information.

Information technology is a system of methods and methods of collection, transmission, accumulation, processing, storage, presentation and use of information.

Information technologies are implemented in automated and traditional (paper) form. The automated information technology assumes existence of a complex of the corresponding technical means providing implementation of information process, and control system of this complex of technical means.


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