IT development prospects

Characteristic of HIT is the personalization of computer technology, the creation of local computer networks and multi-level data processing systems, the organization of automated workplaces of specialists. The Arsenal of hit tools is constantly updated, in particular widespread in recent years, computer graphics, multimedia, hypertext technologies and systems

Computer (machine) graphics – one of the important directions of development of information technology in modern conditions. This concept is understood as a set of methods and tools for automating the processes of preparation, input, conversion, storage and display of graphic information using computers and graphic devices.

Directions of development of computer graphics are:

  • graphics for computer-aided design in mechanical engineering, construction, electronics, and artistic design;
  • software control of machines, robotic manipulators and preparation of automated production;
  • color and grayscale graphics to create realistic images of features, including machine animation;
  • automated image processing, storage, forwarding, analysis, pattern recognition;
  • illustrative and business graphics, visual presentation of information in research, management systems, production;
  • specialized graphics in printing, publishing, advertising;
  • · educational and game graphics.

Multimedia systems are interactive computer systems that provide work with many information environments, still images and moving video, animated computer graphics, text and sound.

It development prospects - 2Hypertext in General is a system of information objects (articles) in which associative and semantic links between selected objects (elements, concepts, terms or sections) are defined and automatically supported. This is the text where the individual terms on the display screen are highlighted, and the corresponding definition can be immediately displayed. The scope of application of hypertext technologies is very wide: publishing, library work, training systems, development of documentation, laws, reference management, databases, knowledge, etc.

Such a system contains means of representing and processing words and hypertext structures, information combination of documents, as well as laying and memorizing paths in hypertext. While working with the hypertext system, the difference between the author and the reader gradually disappears, that is, hypertechnology becomes the author’s.

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