Stereo image

Stereo images can be divided into 2 types:

  1. 3D-stereo — three-dimensional, three-dimensional image with the effect of looking around (ie, objects can be viewed from equal sides). The image can be obtained using a special stereo (for real-life objects) or with the help of programs for three-dimensional modeling — 3DS Max, Maya, etc.
  2. Stereo-effect, carrying out the illusion of different distances (in depth) of the image objects, while the objects themselves remain flat.

Varioiozobrazhennya-multiple images, sequentially changing each other depending on the angle. The areas of application of stereo/Vario products in the framework of exhibition events are as follows:

  • Indoor: stand Design both hinged and integrated into the stand design (light boxes, panels, hardposters (rigid photo panels for mobile stands));
  • Outdoor: large-Format stereo/Vario products at the entrance to the exhibition or in a specific pavilion (light boxes, signs, billboards, pillars, etc);
  • Small-format promotional and souvenir products with three-dimensional and animated images (calendars, postcards, business cards, invitation cards, presentation CD/DVD discs, electronic business cards, etc.) for distribution to visitors.Audiovisual media

Main products stereo and Vario technology is:

  1. Poppellerplasmra. The principle of operation is as follows : plasma panels 42″ , “50” or “61” with a special motor rotate around its z axis ( like a propeller). Rotation is possible in both directions. Video feed is wireless. The film for demonstration is prepared specially to synchronize the actions taking place in it with the specified choreography of rotation of panels. It is possible to use up to 4 units at the same time with a single plot.
  2. PoolSystem. This system allows each participant of the exhibition (visitor) to become a full participant of the action, which is demonstrated. The interactivity of the system is provided by motion sensors, the signals from which are perceived by the control unit, and, accordingly, the programmed scenario, visual changes occur. Special software allows you to lay in the demonstration of a huge number of different effects, so any presentation can be a real reality show.
  3. LSD-glass. The base is thin LSD film deposited on glass. Under voltage, it is completely transparent, in the off state becomes opaque, acquiring light gray, matte colors and can be a screen for projection.
    To expand the range of information systems use in the international marketing activities of Expocentre meteor, it was proposed to conduct a study of the impact of information processes on exhibition activities, in which the author was directly involved. To study the feasibility of using information systems in international exhibition activities, a questionnaire was developed on the topics “the Main problems of the modern information system of international exhibition activities”, “the Role and influence of information technologies for the development of international exhibition activities”.

The expert group included 242 respondents – one representative from the company, with different activities and organizational forms, from different regions of Ukraine and CIS countries. The selection criteria were the personal characteristics of the respondents: the presence of higher education, experience in organizing and participating in international and national exhibitions.

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