The mechanic on car repairs

Car mechanic – a specialist who prepares the car for the road. In road transport, the profession of a locksmith for car repair is a profession №2 after the driver, the quality and result of which largely depends on the serviceability of the car.

For the machine to work, it needs to be assembled, adjusted, adjusted and tested, in the process of operation – to maintain and repair. All this is the work of a car repair mechanic. The more complex the machine, the higher the qualification of the locksmith, and whatever were the perfect tools, you will always need a man with “smart” hands. Therefore, the need for specialists in car repair will be constant and, having mastered this profession, you can easily find a job at different avtopidpryomstvah, car service firms, avtokombinatah, fleets, “travel AIDS”, even to open a business.

The profession of a car mechanic is considered prestigious.

In the future, the profession will continue, but there will be significant changes. Some operations will disappear, manual labor will be minimized and the process as a whole will be automated. According to the classification of the profession mechanic car repair refers to professions such as “man – technique,” and here we can see the most popular profession of the future – IT development 

The subject of labor mechanic: car, its units, systems, mechanisms,its individual devices, as well as parts of devices and parts.
Main operations: Disassembly, repair, Assembly, adjustment, comprehensive testing in accordance with the technical conditions of operation of units and assemblies of cars of different brands.mechanic 300x188 - The mechanic on car repairsTools: a variety of hand tools – keys and screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, measuring devices, pneumatic equipment, stands, electrical mechanisms and devices and the like.
Having established the problem, the mechanic dismantle faulty assemblies and components, replace individual parts, again holding out their collection and clips in their places, lubricates parts, friction enters into the line side of the communication. The work ends with the registration of the necessary delivery documentation.

The work of car mechanics requires considerable physical effort and effort. They work in teams or individually. The profession of a car mechanic can be combined with other professions (for example, a mechanic of mechanical Assembly works), work in other sectors of the economy (in particular in engineering).

Requirements of the profession to the employee’s personality.
The work of a car repair mechanic is suitable for physically strong young people, patient, passionate about technical design, auto-sports, smart, prone to creativity, ingenuity.

For performance of professional duties to the worker necessary:

  1. Sharpness and accuracy of visual, auditory and tactile perception.
  2. Good coordination of finger and hand movements.
  3. Stable nervous system.
  4. Visual acuity and accuracy of visual recognition.
  5. Acute “technical” hearing.
  6. High accuracy and coordination of movements.
  7. Analytical, logical, technical thinking and spatial imagination.
  8. Emotional stability, balance.
  9. Patience and perseverance.
  10. Goodwill in relation to the people.
  11. Endurance, responsibility, self-discipline.
  12. Psychological contraindications to the profession of a car repair mechanic is distraction, emotional instability, weak concentration.

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